Hundreds of Stunning Succulents Under One Roof – Meet Salish Sea Succulents

Andria Scanlan loves succulents. Period. And it shows. At Salish Sea Succulents she collects and grows hundreds of varieties creating spectacular combinations of colour and texture to create mini succulent gardens.

“For me, there’s no end to what I can design using the colours, textures, and shapes of the succulents I grow – it’s literally about creating living art,” Andria says. “It gives me great pleasure to prepare exotic and sustainable succulent gardens in a variety of sizes for anyone or everyone to enjoy.”

A serious gardener for years, Andria came upon a  photograph of a vertical wall made of succulents on the cover of Fine Gardening magazine 10 years ago – and was instantly hooked. It started off innocently enough, with a few, then a few turned into more, and then more after that. “My favourite place the world became my little tiny greenhouse where I could mess around with the succulents,” she says.

Then, two years ago a good friend asked Andria to do the flowers for her wedding at the end of August, and her creative juices started flowing. The result – stunning succulent arrangements in driftwood that blew everyone away and had people asking for more. And Salish Sea Succulents was born..

“I love Salt Spring, and I’m excited to share a little bit of our idyllic island to Vancouver at Made on Salt Spring March 23-25,” Andria says. “Come out and buy a succulent. I guarantee it won’t be your last!”

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