The Salt of Our Earth – Meet Salt Spring Sea Salt

Philippe Marill & Carolyn Kvajic had visited Salt Spring Island many times before succumbing to its  natural beauty and becoming residents four years ago. The idyllic location prompted them to create Salt Spring Sea Salt, blending  Philippe’s French heritage with West Coast inspiration.

And there was another motive.

“We ran out of our fleur de sel de Camargue from the South of France when we moved here,” Carolyn said with a smile. “We had to find a local source – and when we found none existed we simply had to create it ourselves!”

They now produce 10 unique handcrafted fleur de sel blends ranging from rosemary garlic to blackberry infused.

Produced by collecting the thin layer of sea salt flakes that form on the surface of the water during the evaporation process and skimmed off by hand, fleur de sel is a gourmet garnish. “We harvest and evaporate the sea water, prepare, sift, pack and label our fleur de sel sea personally by hand,” Philippe said.  “The sea water is carefully filtered of impurities to offer the best fleur de sel product possible.”

“We like to call what we make Franc-Pac Fusion – a blend of tastes, techniques and recipes from my upbringing on the Mediterranean coupled with locally-grown Island ingredients,” Philippe continued.

Salt Spring Sea Salt can be found in food shops throughout Western Canada and is staking ground in Ontario and the US as well. And of course, you can find them at Made on Salt Spring at Vancouver’s Heritage Hall March 23-25. For more information, check out their website at

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